Advanced Tips for Playing Squash

Once the fundamentals of squash have been learned, practised and used with some confidence, it’s time for intermediate players to develop their game. Given a good level of fitness and some experience of movement, shot selection and control and a solid repeatable swing, here are some steps to move a good basic squash game to the next level.


Build Your Attacking Volley Skills


Hitting volleys between hip and shoulder height is a common skill most players learn. Not so many are confident cutting in and attacking shots higher or closer to the body. Practising those skills is a sign of a more advanced player.


Adjust Your Grip


Once a solid repeatable shot is learned, progress to moving the hand up and choking down the handle slightly. Opening or closing the face a little can also add variety in rally, for example to hit a very hard shot flatter.


Hit With Spin


Developing the variations for attacking shots, a change of swing path can produce a flatter faster shot, or a slight topspin that helps the ball die faster off the back wall. Either gives the opponent less time to return the ball. Upgrading to a lightweight racket and high quality strings can help explore this area further.


Build Defences


Defensive shots, in particular the lob, usually receive less attention than the attacking ones. A good range of effective lobs can relieve pressure straight away and get a player back on the attack during a rally.


Serve Variations


Watch many players, even at the highest level, and they’ll hit the same serve again and again. A little variety with flatter shots, spin and angle can keep an opponent guessing and nab an easy point.


Build Experience


There’s no substitute for it, and experience comes from playing as many different opponents under various conditions. Take every opportunity to play in different competitions, surroundings, temperature and humidity, and learn how to deal with all the varieties of crowds, referees, courts and balls the game of squash has to offer.